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Age levels

All our dancers, at every level, are challenged at an individual rate so that they are able to make the most out of every session and reach their own full potential. 

At ZC Dance we have 4 ages levels to ensure that all of our dancers are training at the appropriate level for their physical and mental development. The age levels are as follows:



Our Minis level covers all our budding dancers aged 3+

Minis sessions at ZC Dance are designed to introduce young children to the joy of dance, whilst building their confidence, co-ordination and social skills so that they are fully prepared to progress to the junior class level. Our mini dancers work on developing imagination and skill with the opportunity to take part in a small class award.



Our Junior level covers dancers age 6+

Junior sessions at ZC Dance are designed to help children continue to build a strong foundation of dance technique, stamina and movement memory so that they are fully prepared to progress into intermediate level classes. Dancers can take classes in a number of different dance styles at this level and opt to take examinations in each. 


Our intermediate level covers dancers age 11+

Intermediate sessions at ZC Dance are designed to improve technique, increase musicality and provide self confidence so that they are fully prepared to progress into senior level classes. Set syllabus exam work continues at this level and we add the option of addition group/solo performance examination awards. 



Our Senior level covers dancers age 15+

Senior dancers have time to work on a number of skills including mastering performance, building precision and finding their artistic voice. Our senior classes provide dancers with the skill and awareness they need to audition to enter the professional dance world by positively leading students through a higher level of training. As senior students move through the higher grades their abilities are challenged further and new skills are introduced. 

Alongside graded exams students are invited to partake in addition professional examinations and auditions. 

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