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Turn their energy into rewards!

At ZC Dance we provide examination and performance opportunities in all dance genres so that your child has the chance to further build self esteem and receive recognition for their dedication to dance. Examinations and performances provide dancers with an opportunity to show what they have achieved and receive a reward. Dancers can collect certificates and trophies and some of the higher level examinations are eligible  for conversion into UCAS points to support University applications.


All of our examinations and performances are optional so that students wishing to take them can but no dancer is pressured. Due to the universality of the syllabi, our classes are perfect for students who wish to progress as dancers and work towards having a career in dance and are equally as great for those who dance to have fun, exercise and make new friends. Our dance school is committed to making all classes motivating and fun for all students, no matter their reason for wanting to dance. 

For our examinations we are proud to follow both the National Association of Teachers of Dancing (NATD) and UKA Dance Syllabus for our classes. 


Ballet is the perfect class to get your child moving and a brilliant starting point for little ones! A classic, artistic dance form that focuses on posture, poise and precision and allows dancers to build a wide range of skills, developing strength, co ordination and flexibility.


In addition to this, Ballet provides students of all ages with an opportunity to develop their expressive skills, musicality and sensory awareness. The combination of these skills with the physical technique of ballet produces physically strong dancers with high standard performance qualities, great balance and alignment.


Ballet is an exciting dance form with lots to learn. A fantastic style for both boys and girls with lots of energy!

Contemporary and Lyrical

Contemporary is an exhilarating dance technique that focuses on expression, release, energy and drive! Perfect for those with high energy levels! Contemporary encourages dancers to take risks with their movement, driving students to be extremely fluid and unique. There is a strong focus on speed, level changes, and travel meaning that it is an dynamic, fun style absolutely full of enjoyment.


Our classes focus on building strong technique whilst challenging limits and exploring new movements. Skills such as stamina, rhythm, muscle strength, co-ordination and flexibility are all developed in our contemporary classes. Contemporary classes are suitable for age 6+ and work perfectly alongside ballet training. A lively, exciting style for both boys and girls!

Commercial Street Dance

Commercial Street dance is a thrilling style! Modern, sharp and upbeat with a performance focus. Commercial encourages team work and creativity. There is a focus on the isolation of body parts, quick movements and strong technique. Skills such as stamina, muscle strength and rhythm are developed in our commercial classes.

Our classes focus on building strong dance technique,  in particular  accurate footwork, and mastering group routines and skills. Another energetic, fun style for both boys and girls!


Tap is a fabulous, showy style! Bouncy and upbeat with a dazzling performance focus! Tap focuses on neat, fast foot work and strong technique. Skills such as stamina, musicality and rhythm are developed in our tap classes.

Our classes focus on building strong tap technique,  in particular  accurate footwork, performance skills and timing skills! Perfect for both boys and girls!

Musical Theatre

Musical is a fun, high energy, performance style! Incorporating dancing, singing, acting and props its loads of fun and builds amazing skills! Musical Theatre focuses on finding character, telling a story and putting on a show! Skills such as stamina and co-ordination are developed in our Musical Theatre classes.

Our classes focus on building strong technique and performance abilities. Perfect for both boys and girls!

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